As a very active person, I have participated in many sports. In my teens and twenties I was very active in foil fencing and participated in many international competitions. I also practiced Ju-Jutsu, played volleyball, tennis, lifted weights and ran. In addition, I led a church youth group in my hometown and gained first insights in group dynamics and how to get everybody on board.

In the US, I joined the Hoover sailing club in Madison, WI and learned sailing and wind-surfing. I also went out West with the skiing clubs of UW and OSU. I became vice-president of the Stanton-House Society, an international student association in Athens, Georgia which helped international students to find new friends and get used to the US. I also started to play golf.

Now that I have three children, they have become my first priority outside of work. These days I go swimming with my kids quite often and to a fitness club.